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Cassini images suggest Phoebe originated in the far-off Kuiper Belt, the region of ancient, icy, rocky bodies beyond Neptune's orbit
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said it was negotiating the repricing of its contract with Anthem Inc., one of its biggest customers, but it was too soon to know the financial terms of the deal.
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"Begin by seeing the tendency to protect and defend yourself," Singer says
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Safety results were also overwhelmingly positive
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The Independent National Electoral Commission (Inec) has promised a clean ballot
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This compares with seven deals worth more than $30 billion in 2014, and one in 2013.
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"It doesn't automatically mean that the Redskins can keep their trademark registrations," Crittenden said
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The killer had fractured Brown's skull with it.
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Nissan has teamed up with architects Foster & Partners - designers of the Apple Campus - to develop the idea.
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Higher inflation tends to lead traders to selllong-dated Treasuries since inflation erodes interest payouts onthose bonds.
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Their conclusion Well, humans have kind of been playing God for a long time, so in some ways this isn’t new
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But a recent influx of migrant children—10,000 just within the last two months, compared to the 34,000 children who arrived the last fiscal year—has made temporary placement a priority.
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Children are particularly at risk, often sold across borders to work in brothels or on farms
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Google's driverless cars are an accident waiting to happen
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The RoughRiders are also inviting Steve Harvey to serve as the on-field host for the evening.
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We follow the same standards for taste as the daily newspaper
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The Commerce Department said Tuesday that the economy, as measured by the gross domestic product, expanded at a 2 percent annual rate in the July-September quarter
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The Mets were never really looking for a super star in center field
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It makes the courtship more subtle than most, but this isn’t a film about flouting societal norms on some mass scale
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(Van Halen’s title song came out in ’80.) Let’s say this is a hanging-on-to-the-’70s movie, alight
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“We’re extremely pleased that our clients will receive some relief after everything they went through
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In a neighbouring village, there was one old person who had eight children
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“He was a lot of flash and dash right from the start,” says Harry Jaffe, a writer who chronicled Hadid for now-defunct business magazine Regardie’s during the 1980s
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Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade
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He became obsessed with becoming a television reporter after meeting Hal Walker, the first African American reporter at the DC bureau of CBS
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The first astronaut out of the hatch connects his or her cable to the outside of the hull before anchoring the partner's line outside as well
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“The key thing, however, which is true of a lot of programs that may be volunteer-based, they need the force of will of a person or group of people to get them off the ground.”
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