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For the NHS, the pinch point in winter is the increase in numbers of emergency hospital stays — last winter they reached record levels.
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Even if the program is viewed as a subsidy, such viewpoint-based exclusions are unconstitutional (except when the government itself is the speaker, and that’s not so here)
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"I am tethered to a phone and an iPad and a MacBook
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You can't act like a crazy person and get 15-yard penalties without getting benched it if you're not delivering production at the consistently high level Odell Beckham Jr
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The government has launched an app that people can use to book tuk-tuks to improve last-mile connectivity from the metro stations.
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They are Age Action Ireland, the Asthma Society of Ireland, Diabetes Ireland, the Meningitis Research Foundation and the Irish Patients' Association.
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He noted that the real number of people entering Europe may be even larger, because authorities are struggling to track all arrivals given the sheer volume.
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He said that when San Jose Officer Dondi West arrived at Lam's home, she screamed orders and rushed towards Lam, escalating the situation, then inexplicably opening fire
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Clinton had to take the scenic route to find a restroom, while Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were back on stage in time for the end of the commercial break.
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Some countries have made it in high gear, others have been slowly working up through low ones.
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Musk has used the airplaneanalogy numerous times
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Commerce is a communal institution regulated for the mutual economic benefit of all
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The war in Syria was particularly key in driving the numbers of people moving into Europe to levels not seen in half a century
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Hennepin County District Court Judge Karen Janisch barred three protest organizers named as defendants in the mall's lawsuit from attending the demonstration, but she limited her order to them
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The head coach hasn’t announced an exact timeline for his return, mainly because he’s in unchartered territory
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"They are leaning in a certain direction, and no matter what you do with them — I mean they are a very dishonest group in my opinion."
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There’s probably business secrets and you should have the ability to protect it
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Bells are one of the earliest known musical instruments, using mechanical resonance to produce a powerful harmonious sound
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15 as the completion date for the deal, the largest in the energy sector in a decade and one that helped make 2015 a record-breaking year for mergers and acquisitions.
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During the struggle, the gun went off, hitting a worker “clear across the corridor,” according to off-duty NYPD Inspector Kenneth Lehr, who was in the mall doing some holiday shopping
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While a great deal of progress has been made in fighting the terrorists, Boko Haram still control a large amount of land so the deadline will probably be extended.
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The wheels are also outfitted with LED lights, because it wouldn't be flashy enough otherwise
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