Jim Harbaugh’s inevitable divorce from the 49ers on Black Monday prompts a pivotal question for Woody Johnson: Should the Jets make an aggressive move to trade for the fiery and enigmatic head coach?

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KEEPING SCORE: France's CAC-40 gained 0.2 percent to 4,304.35, while Germany's DAX declined 0.3 percent to 9,891.62, as trading resumed following a four-day break for Christmas. Wall Street looked set for gains, with futures for the Dow Jones industrial average and Standard & Poor's 500 index both up 0.1 percent. On Friday, the Dow added 0.1 percent, while the S&P rose 0.3 percent.

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The researchers noted that in most cases, the child had been born at full term and had died in the neonatal period. Only severe obesity was also linked to deaths in very premature and moderately premature babies.

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After large movie theater chains refused to screen the comedy following threats of violence from hackers who opposed the film, Sony stitched together a limited release in theaters and a $5.99 video-on-demand (VOD) rental option on YouTube, Google Play and other sites starting Dec. 24.

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These stories sent shockwaves through the NFL in 2014. Yet on the final pregame shows of the year, all produced by the league’s TV partners, there was no look back at the NFL’s season of infamy. Of course there was reflection about between-the-lines performances, but these shows went ostrich on stuff that stained the league’s image.

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Sony's "The Interview," which earned $15 million from online rentals and purchases through Saturday, also took in $2.8 million from 331 theaters since its opening on Thursday. $1.8 million of that came from the weekend.

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If Moore's Law - the doubling of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits every year, coined by Intel co-founder Gordon Moore - continues, the computers of 2030 will have as much power as the human brain, he believes.

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“The war that dare not speak its name,” to quote New York University professor Mark Galeotti, is a problem both for Russian President Vladimir Putin and for European leaders who have struggled to keep a united front since Russia moved to annex Crimea — and must decide in March, 2015 whether to roll over their sanctions against Moscow.

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The judge added that Polanski "forfeited his right to avail himself of the authority of this court under the fugitive disentitlement doctrine" but could return to California to obtain an evidentiary hearing.

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“From clinical practice I know that mothers/parents do not just want the dietary advice we give, but also the emotional support and that 'person on my side', but I had no study that I could refer to,” Carina Venter told Reuters Health in an email.

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On Sunday afternoon, the story of the Giants’ miserable 2014 played out one last time, in a 34-26 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles at MetLife Stadium. It was the final setback in a dismal 6-10 campaign that has the franchise headed for another offseason of soul-searching, with Tom Coughlin’s future up in the air.

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They suggested that school and community-based health awareness programmes should include the topic of sexual orientation, with the aim of supporting young people with concerns and reducing stigma and victimisation.

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In Gueckedou, near the village where Ebola first started killing people in Guinea’s tropical southern forests a year ago, doctors say they have had to stop pricking fingers to do blood tests for malaria.

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The Nets (13-16) hung tough through a first half during which it shot a miserable 33% and then came unglued in the third quarter when they committed nine turnovers that led to 12 Indiana points and allowed the Pacers to expand a one-point lead to 79-65 going into the fourth. The Nets trailed by double digits the rest of the way.

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He started eight games this season and completed more than 60% of his passes. Still, there were turnovers and ineffective play in the red zone. Owner Jeffrey Lurie cited both in his analysis of the team in the locker room.

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A few flew banners above the team's practice facility, urging Johnson to fire the GM, while others started a website and received donations to put up billboards near MetLife Stadium and distribute yellow towels to further the cause in hopes the Jets would make wholesale changes.

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The coach started taking home some personal items from his office in anticipation of the inevitable, sparking discussion whether he had already cleaned out his home away from home at the team facility. Ryan cracked during a CBS production meeting Saturday that he had simply taken home his Christmas Village.

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“Imagine if producers and distributors and others start engaging in self censorship, because they don’t want to offend the sensibilities of somebody whose sensibilities probably need to be offended,” he said at a December 19 press conference.

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"We're all thrilled," Nikki Rocco, Universal's president of domestic distribution said of the Angelina Jolie-directed drama. "It's a testament to how great this movie is. I'm so happy that America found out about it."

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The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force is shifting to a support mission for Afghan army and police more than a decade after an international alliance ousted the Taliban government for sheltering the planners of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on American cities.

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“We are not recommending anyone ditch their medicines or established medical or physical practices,” she said. “Individuals can talk to their doctors about whether yoga is a viable option for them.”

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UAE's Abraaj Investment Management is seeking regulatoryapproval to raise its bid for Bisco Misr to 88.09 Egyptianpounds ($12) per share, aiming to top a rival bid by Kellogg asthe deadline for the takeover of the snackmaker loomed.

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It didn’t mean that people stopped speculating about Tom Coughlin’s future, or bad drafts in the past, or about the defensive coordinator. Giants fans were smart enough to see the quality of the opponents as they started to win some games. Still: The kid out of LSU was in the air, and running down the field, and doing the one big thing that always brings you back, that keeps you coming:

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As the storm tracks eastward, the Midwest is expected to see a light layer of snowfall, cold temperatures and messy road conditions, forecasters said. Heavy rain with possible flash floods were predicted for Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, meteorologists said.

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Edwards was limited by state law to a single four-year term as governor. He later served two years as Secretary of Energy under Reagan. An oral surgeon, he went on to become president of the Medical University of South Carolina.

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One year later, the Giants will stumble into the offseason with their first 10-loss season since 2004, but they believe their hope for the future is brighter than it’s been in years. That’s in large part because of the revival of Eli Manning, who, in Ben McAdoo’s West Coast scheme and with the help of rookie receiver Odell Beckham, just finished arguably his second-best NFL season.

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India's largest telecommunications carrier by subscribers said last week that Internet or data plans that give customersdiscounted rates will be valid for Internet browsing but willexclude Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

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"Need to change laws - we are ready. Need to change rules -we are ready. Need to speed up processes - we are ready," Modisaid at the concluding session of a workshop on Make in India."We need to implement changes on the ground."

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The trustee, Irving Picard, said on Monday he would seek permission from a U.S. bankruptcy judge in New York to begin the fifth interim distribution of payments, which would average $299,900 and range from just under $400 to more than $60 million.

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Duncan went to the hospital days earlier with Ebola-like symptoms, but was treated and released. The situation combined with two of Duncan’s nurses becoming infected raised widespread concerns about lapses in protocol and the potential for a U.S. outbreak.

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Also commenting on the report, Dr Aileen McGloin of Safefood, emphasised that ‘everyone has a role to play in influencing and enabling young boys and men to develop adequate food skills and have a healthy diet'.

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“All her music is about killing guys and burning their houses down and beating up people ” that’s my wife” he says with equal parts pride and panic. “What do you want me to do? I’m not going to challenge her”

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Google has an "enormous" infrastructure that is well tested in fighting off denial of service and other attacks, said Barrett Lyon, principal strategist with F5 Networks and an expert in Internet network security. "I wouldn't imagine seeing 'lights-out' at YouTube," he said, adding that Microsoft could be more vulnerable

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According to HSE occupational therapist (OT) in north Cork, Sheena Cadoo, the OT department and the HSE South has been working hard to develop specialised dementia services for this area over the last three years.

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The gesture at Ramos' funeral came amid contentious contract negotiations with the city. The rank-and-file police union did not claim credit for the symbolic protest, and its head, Patrick Lynch, repeatedly dodged reporters' attempts to ask about it after Ramos' funeral.

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Or at least, that's what we're guessing, though technically, Diesel's muscular frame is covering up the M and the A in Inhuman. It's entirely possible that Diesel is actually asking "Are You In Hunan," referring to the popular Chinese dish, Hunan Beef. I've often wondered myself what's really in Hunan Beef. Not actual beef, I am pretty convinced. Look for Vin Diesel in Marvel's Inhumans in 2018, or in your local Chinese take-out on New Years Day.

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Overall the rouble's weakness will inevitably lead to higherinflation next year by pushing up the cost of imports,threatening President Vladimir Putin's reputation for ensuringRussia's prosperity.

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After promising clinical trials, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a drug called Saxenda for chronic weight management that will be available by prescription to overweight and obese adults.

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Seoul launched a government committee on the unification in July, six months after President Park Geun-hye told a New Year's press conference that unifying with North Korea would bring an economic "bonanza," not massive financial costs.

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CAIRO (AP) — Libya's foreign minister said Sunday that extremist groups are escalating their attacks and making a renewed push to seize oil resources, after an assault on eastern terminals set storage tanks ablaze, sending massive clouds of black smoke into the sky.