Novo Nordisk, the world's top insulin maker, focuses mainlyon diabetes treatment. Riis said it had been working on the newobesity drug for around 10 years and has spent an estimated $1billion to take it from research to marketing.

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"After looking at the floors, it's amazing we did not have more loss of life," San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said at a news conference, adding that the smoke and fire were "communicated" throughout the building. He also said the building's third floor was gutted and the doors were charred.

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As for the Falcons, who came in 5-0 against divisional foes, they simply finish the season as a 6-10 team, booed by their home crowd on the way out. Mike Smith looks like a dead duck. There were reports even before the game that the team had hired a consulting firm to conduct a search for a new coach.

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The reforms include the resignation of the agency's board of commissioners, changes in how its top executives are appointed and divestment of some of its real estate holdings, including the World Trade Center, among other changes.

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"While the unborn child is not yet in distress, it is facing into a 'perfect storm' from which it has no realistic prospect of emerging alive. It has nothing but distress and death in prospect," the court said in its ruling.

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The National Retail Federation (NRF), the leading industrytrade body, forecast a 4.1 percent rise in holiday sales thisyear, including online and store sales. The NRF is hoping tomeet its expectations amid falling gasoline prices, lower U.S.unemployment and consumer spending which showed signs ofincreasing during the first two weeks of December.

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Measures will include assistance in various adaptation efforts against climate change risks from extreme weather events and slow onset events, example water resource/disaster risk reduction and natural environment/biodiversity.

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"Greece is always worth paying attention to, but it’s a hiccup," said Mark Martiak, senior wealth strategist at Premier Wealth/First Allied Securities in New York. "I don’t see it as anything that makes a difference in the overall market."

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"Higher rates of asthma among Travellers have a harsh impact on our families and I feel that discrimination against Travellers makes us unlikely to seek help and support from healthcare providers," noted Missy Collins, a primary healthcare worker with Pavee Point.

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But there’s a problem with this story. Because in fact the first mobile phone call in the UK had already been made some hours before. And that phone call involved another Ernest — Ernest Harrison, the first chairman of Vodafone. The story goes that Ernest’s son, Michael Harrison, snuck out of his family’s New Year’s Eve party at their home in Surrey and drove to London to “surprise” his father, calling him from among a group of revellers in Parliament Square. Harrison Jnr recalls that the line was crystal clear — maybe because there weren’t 20 million Vodafone users clogging up the network at the time.

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Audi, which contributes 40 percent of operating profit at Europe's biggest automotive group, said on Saturday it will push up investment in car-making operations by 2 billion euros ($2.44 billion) to a record 24 billion euros over the next five years.

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"This programme has shown to be both an effective and low-cost means of enabling the Traveller community learn about the condition and improve their control of asthma and we couldn't be happier with the result," she added.

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PHOENIX (AP) — Televised images of New York City's glittery ball drop have become inextricably linked with New Year's Eve. But Times Square isn't the only place to ring in the new year with an object dropping at midnight.

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“I will never understand why things happen this way,” she added. “We got the news this was going to be dismissed before the anniversary of my father’s death, which is always during Thanksgiving. Now we get this right before Christmas.”

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That was quite apparent as they appeared to be on good terms and in the holiday spirit as they walked side-by-side, holding bags and bundled up in the cold London weather after having lunch with their kids.

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Photographs posted online by other celebrities showed that former footballer David Beckham and his wife Victoria were at the event with their children. Actress Elizabeth Hurley also said on social media that she was attending.

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You don’t have to love Rex Ryan as a football coach, but you have to admire the way he has handled himself, at one media conference after another, as the Jets really have turned into the football version of the Knicks.

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The collapse of the deal, valued by sources at between $300 million and $400 million, is yet another blow for Rosneft after its partners, including ExxonMobil, withdrew from projects to develop Arctic offshore oil deposits following the introduction of Western sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.

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Based on the discussions, the study team identified six major themes that came up repeatedly. The mothers wanted to protect their kids and become food allergy experts in order to do so. These themes were most important after the child’s allergy was first detected.

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That heckle was met with laughter and some applause from the crowd and briefly flustered de Blasio, who had been speaking at a quicker-than-normal pace, seemingly to eliminate any pauses that could have been filled with boos.

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Caesars still needs to sign on 60 percent of the holders ofits first-lien secured debt. It had said on Dec. 19 it needed toreach that goal by Jan. 9 for a restructuring support agreementto become effective.

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"The creation of PGCs is one of the earliest events during early mammalian development," says first study author Dr. Naoko Irie, also of the Gurdon Institute at the University of Cambridge. "It's a stage we've managed to recreate using stem cells from mice and rats, but until now few researchers have done this systematically using human stem cells."

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At a meeting with analysts in November, Qualcomm President Derek Aberle did not directly answer a question about when the chipmaker's largest licensees' contracts would be due for renegotiation, or how those renegotiations would be affected by potential concessions Qualcomm could make in China.

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The NFC had a few surprisingly bad failures, however, with the Washington Redskins (4-12) and the Chicago Bears (5-11) not expected to be so poor. The decline of the San Francisco 49ers (8-8) and New Orleans Saints (7-9) also caught out plenty.

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Sasson said the American Heart Association has a Spanish-language website at with training materials and a 60-second video that people can watch to learn how to do hands-only CPR in Spanish.

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The news comes after lawmakers in Athens failed to elect a new president on Monday, leaving the country faced with the prospect of going to the polls in an election that has the potential to derail Greece’s international bailout program.

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Vivian Wineman, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said: "The sharp increase in anti-Semitic incidents over the summer may have been occasioned by events in Gaza but much of the behaviour was pure anti-Semitism and had nothing to do with the Middle East.

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Despite improvements, since 2010 there have been 13 seriousincidents involving passenger aircraft in Indonesia, excludingthe disappearance of the AirAsia jet. Eleven of those resultedin the plane being written off and four incidents involvedfatalities.

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Runners are more at risk during the hour or so a day they train and are particularly more at risk if they run marathons, as the time out there with an elevated heart rate increases. But the remainder of the day, all cardiologists agree, they are much less at risk than the general population and can actually extend and improve their lives and lifestyle.

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However according to the doctors, these extra years may not be healthy ones, as almost one in four of the overall global burden of death and illness is in people aged 60 and older. A lot of this burden is due to long-term health problems associated with diseases such as cancer, heart disease, musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis, respiratory diseases and mental health problems.

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The sole candidate for the Greek presidency, Stavros Dimas,a former European Commissioner, fell short of the 180 vote supermajority needed to become president, and Greek Prime MinisterAntonis Samaras announced a snap parliamentary election on Jan.25.

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Droxler and his associates examined the synthetic structure of the cores, specifically the proportion of titanium to aluminum. When the downpours fall, it destroys the volcanic rocks of the locale, which contain titanium. The free titanium then flounces into streams that get to the sea. So moderately low proportions of titanium to aluminum match up to periods with less rainfall, Droxler said.

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So, when the wheels started falling off a couple years ago, something funny happened. The fans rallied behind Ryan and revolted against general manager John Idzik, who’s likely to be fired after two failed seasons. Ryan escaped the wrath of a rabid fan base for years before it became obvious that change was needed. “I think New York understands that he’s tough,” right guard Willie Colon said. “He’s not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. He believes in this organization. He believes in his players.”

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One day he might win the Super Bowl, it just won’t be in his dream job with the Jets. Some coaches claim on the day they’re hired that it’s the job they always wanted. Then when they get fired, and get hired for the next one, they claim that really was the one they thought about as a kid.

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Houston reportedly died in a Beverly Hills hotel bathtub from an accidental drowning and a coroner listed cocaine and heart disease as contributing factors. For her exhibit, visitors can hear the sounds of splashing water and the singer's voice. The smells of the cleaning solution and olive oil she used in the tub then get pumped in.

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"You always watched (the Rose Bowl) as a little kid. Watched the tournament of Roses Parade," said Fisher, who recently reached agreement on a new eight-year contract extension that Florida State says will make him one of the highest paid coaches in the country. "I always said that's probably the one game you'll never get to coach in because of how the Big Ten-Pac-1 setup was and to do it two years in a row, it's been a blessing."

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Other weekend debuts include Paramount's $25 million crime drama "The Gambler," which took seventh place with a middling $9.3 million from 2,478 theaters. The Weinstein Company's "Big Eyes" earned only $2.97 million over the weekend from 1,307 screens and $4.4 million from the four-day. The haul is a career low for director Tim Burton compared with his other wide-release openings.

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His departure also leaves Buffalo with a veteran hole to fill at quarterback, which the team sought to address by signing Orton to a two-year contract a little more than a week before the start of the season.

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With more than 9,000 cases, Sierra Leone now accounts for nearly half of the known cases of Ebola in this year's West African outbreak, the worst ever. Neighboring Liberia and Guinea have also been badly hit.

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- Wolf’s first major personnel move was trading for Brett Favre, who had a washout rookie year with the Falcons. When he was with the Jets, Wolf had Favre rated as the No. 1 player in the 1991 draft. But the Jets didn’t have a first-round pick (they used it on wide receiver Rob Moore in the 1990 supplemental draft), and Steinberg was unable to move up to get Favre. Even though Favre fell into the second round, the future Hall of Famer was taken one spot ahead of the Jets by Atlanta. The Jet took Browning Nagle with the next pick.

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Any fluctuation in prices at the pump will depend on a number of factors, such as oil production levels. Triple-A’s Mark Jenkins says if the prediction of $63 per barrel pans out, gas prices should remain below three dollars a gallon.