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Thousands of demonstrators descended on Mall of America last December, angry over the absence of charges following the police killings of unarmed black men in New York City and Ferguson, Missouri

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With a debt of about $6 billion, Reliance Communications is the most leveraged among listed Indian carriers

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For a start, the economics of shale gas may not stack up given the low price of gas

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Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, on Tuesday credited the lawsuit, filed Dec

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The procedure used to treat TTTS involves technology known as fetoscopic laser ablation

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All three men had denied insulting religion during their trial

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Spread love not hate," Alan Crawford told KFSM

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Musk has used the airplaneanalogy numerous times

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So I lie about my sexual history all the time now, because they test the blood anyway, and because I get STI screenings regularly

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It postponed a definitive judgment on the budget until May, while urging Rome to take corrective action during its passage through parliament

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Day in day out, death and fear surrounds them till they accept it as normal.

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At the beginner level, putting a player in a sled costs about $600 for the sled and $75 for a set of sticks with picks

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Peter Marks, deputy director of the FDA's biologics division, said in a statement.

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Don’t take the keys to a supercar if you don’t know how to drive it, Clarkson might say, dryly

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Will they successfully capture the intrigue of a wider audience with their new look We'll see

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"Hundreds of years from now, these licenses will be used by genealogists and researchers

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Behind the rear hooves of his horse is a view of the town of Szigetvar, and just to the east, on a hilltop, another town, or cluster of imposing buildings, marked Turbek.

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The ruling also makes the point that the exercise of political discretion from elected leaders is not something that courts should be encroaching on

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Undeterred, he jumped anyway, setting several records in the process

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Davis and her supporters had asked Beshear to issue a similar executive order

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authorities, but he denies deliberate dishonesty in VW's communications.

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Herbst: advisory board member for Merck

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"It's trying to control theirspeech."

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22, three American contractors with the Resolute Support base were killed in a suicide attack

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"You already see people working in Starbucks, hotel lobbies

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She thinks that isn't going to happen for awhile, so the Fed probably won't raise rates again until June -- and thus only do three, not four, rate hikes next year.

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Express Scripts said that it will make a treatment that costs $1 per pill.

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Two studies that examined hypoglycemia and hospital readmission found that KMC had a protective effect on infants (RR 0.12, 95% CI 0.05-0.32, I=0%)

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According to Paul, you must first authorize your phone to enter the Google account

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