Two sources familiar with companies' HR and benefits plans,who asked to remain anonymous, said Facebook Inc's benefits team is also exploring extending health perks toemployees' parents to include more virtual medical services thanwhat is available on the government's Medicare program for theelderly.

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The disgraced Yankees slugger had a painfully uncomfortable encounter with the now-former Niners coach following San Francisco's season finale victory over the Cardinals on Sunday, trying in vain to engage one of football's strangest characters for 30 agonizing seconds.

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** Kellogg Co, the world's largest maker of breakfastcereals, raised its bid for Egyptian snack maker Bisco Misr on Wednesday, topping a rival offer from UAE's Abraajin an intensifying $144 million takeover battle.

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In a bid to reassure markets, Tsipras has sounded more moderate lately, promising to keep Greece in the euro and negotiate an end to the bailout agreement rather than scrap it unilaterally. But he has refused to budge on reversing austerity.

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He later received a one-game suspension from the league without pay, making him unable to play against his former team, the Kings, on Saturday, though he was able to participate in the team shootaround Saturday morning.

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Stephen Gallo, European head of FX strategy at BMO CapitalMarkets, said that furthermore, the euro would remainstructurally strong, helped by the euro zone's current accountsurplus. ECB measures that would, for example, revitalise theasset-backed securities (ABS) market, could attract foreigninterest, further supporting the common currency.

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"To show me Rebecca's face and say 'Here's what your year looked like' is jarring," said the father, web designer and writer Eric Meyer, in a blog post. "It feels wrong, and coming from an actual person, it would be wrong. Coming from code, it's just unfortunate."

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The direct impact on AirAsia from the Indonesia unit will be limited, analysts said, because even before the accident the unit was not contributing to AirAsia's bottom line and had not been expected do so for at least several quarters, as it makes up for unrecognized losses.

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BENGHAZI, Libya, Dec 28 (Reuters) - A fire caused byfighting at one of Libya's main export terminals has destroyedmore than two days of the country's oil production, officialssaid on Sunday, as clashes escalated between factions battlingfor control of the OPEC member nation.

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“Based on our coordinates, we expect it is in the sea, so for now (we think) it is on the sea floor,” Soelistyo, head of Indonesia’s search and rescue agency, told reporters when asked about the missing plane’s likely location.

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A fear of offense perhaps reached its apex this fall when Barnard’s student government created a series of posters warning that asking a friend out to dinner constitutes a “microaggression.” Who knew a trip to the diner could be so perilous?

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“To date,” they write, “NIH’s various responses to members of the public and Members of Congress about this subject have not adequately addressed these concerns. In view of this, we are requesting that your office commission a Bioethics Consultation of these experiments . . . and provide us with a Consultation Report by February 27, 2015.”

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One of the main changes under consideration would be toheavily reduce banks' reliance on external credit ratings todetermine certain risks, a move which could disproportionatelyimpact banks outside the US, where post-crisis regulations havepushed banks away from these measures of creditworthiness.

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He said immigration is one area where he expects someRepublicans might change their tune to agree with his recent executive actionsto reform immigration. He said, despite some Republican’s “nativist” views, hethinks a lot of them recognize that the government needs to fix a brokenimmigration system, strengthen the borders and streamline the legal immigrationsystem. Illegal immigrants can hold themselves accountable if they are providedwith ways to become legal, he added.

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At least the Eagles arrive with a 9-6 record, and just two weeks ago they seemed in the driver's seat in the NFC East. And back in Week 6, after a lead-up overflowing with trash talk, they demolished the Giants, 27-0, at the Linc in the game that saw receiver Victor Cruz carted off the field with a season-ending torn right patellar tendon.

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If you are not happy with those answers, you may want to find a local cardiologist who can answer these questions to your satisfaction. But be careful: Doctor shopping for the answer you want may be dangerous. The answer you want to hear may be recommended by the least smart doctor

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Samaritans Ireland is a volunteer-led organisation, which provides confidential, non-judgmental emotional support, 24 hours a day, for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which could lead to suicide.

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"Even with this drop in growth, Super Saturday was stillbetter compared to Black Friday," said Shelley Kohan, vicepresident of retail consulting at RetailNext. "It generated atad more in terms of sales on slightly less traffic."

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Ava DuVernay's Martin Luther King Jr. drama "Selma," meanwhile, opened in 19 locations to $590,000 over the three-day weekend for a solid $31,053 per-theater average. The film expands nationwide on Jan. 9.

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Data from Flightradar24.com, which tracks airline flights in real time, showed several nearby aircraft were at altitudes ranging from 34,000 to 36,000 feet at the time, levels that are not unusual for cruising aircraft.

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“This Christmas,” he said, “should bring about change in our hearts. It is not just another holiday, but rather an event that is renewed to change the world. I can be happy during suffering and war because happiness is an inside job.”

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“[My friend] sent me this delish cauliflower biscuit recipe that she swore by,” says chef and author Candice Kumai, whose new book “Clean Green Eats” hits shelves next summer. “It seems to be catching on. ”

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Just call me Mrs. Clooney. Amal Alamuddin added her husband George Clooney's last name to hers according to the human rights lawyer's office's website. Fresh from her marriage to the Hollywood heart-throb last month, she arrived in Athens to advise the Greek government in its battle to repatriate the ancient Elgin Marbles statues from Britain.

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There are also fears, aired most pointedly by Sen. Al Franken, about Uber’s collection of vast amounts of customer data. The company says it has rolled back employee access to a so-called “God view” of all its car trips after Uber’s New York general manager used the capacity to track a journalist who was late to a meeting.

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David Hauner, EEMEA head of fixed income and economics atBank of America/Merrill Lynch, advises staying underweight,citing the volatility in Russian assets, which can make a fundmanager's life very difficult.

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Many Israelis fear Mr Obama is moving too quickly to engage with Iran and failing to secure adequate assurances that its nuclear program is intended only for peaceful means and not for building a nuclear bomb.

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Miller, a third-year forward, was the Rangers’ second-leading goal scorer (three), behind Nash (six), during the team’s preceding seven wins and recently had played the best hockey of his young career. Vigneault gave a mysterious non-answer when asked why he took Miller out.

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The operating company will also issue about $1.7 billion innew debt and the property company will issue $3.8 billion in newdebt. Caesars Palace Las Vegas will issue $2.6 billion in newdebt, according the filing.

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While investors don't like to take losses, studies show that selling losing investments to off-set gains for tax purposes - called tax-loss harvesting - adds to returns, particularly when done throughout the year. While so much of investing is subject to the whims of the market, this is a little piece that's in your control.

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After leaving the Navy in 2009, Kyle, a Texas native, settled in suburban Dallas and became president of Craft International, a tactical training company that was also dedicated to helping wounded veterans.

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As per the White House, Medicaid is bringing in the most extensive health insurance gains in forty years. After October 2013 about with 9.7 million people enrolled with Medicaid and now over one fifth of Americans are covered by

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Watch Peltz transform on the red carpet. Promoting her new movie, "Transformers: Age Of Extinction," the 19-year-old first donned a white dress with a strategically-placed back cut-out and later stunned in an orange number with a plunging neckline. We can't decide which one's better

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On November 12, the European Space Agency's Rosetta made history. It completed its decade long journey when the Philae lander came to rest on Comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko after bouncing twice. Philae became the first man-made object to make a soft landing on a comet, and both it and the Rosetta probe, which is still orbiting the comet, took loads of groundbreaking data. Unfortunately, Philae came to rest in a particularly shaded spot and currently does not receive enough sunlight to power a continued mission.

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"The businessman is cooperating with the police to establish if he is involved in the alleged criminal activities," Gustav Babile, head of Interpol in Tanzania, told Reuters, adding the investigation was still ongoing.

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“I will never understand why things happen this way,” she added. “We got the news this was going to be dismissed before the anniversary of my father’s death, which is always during Thanksgiving. Now we get this right before Christmas.”

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On his first official day on the job at Media Day, Hollins was asked about Williams’ reputation as a coach killer. He responded — tongue-in-cheek, sort of — that he’s known as a player-killer.

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Investors are also waiting for a loosening of labor rules, agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact and for companies to buy into Abenomics by raising wages and spending record cash hoards on business investment.

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A Virgin Atlantic jet made the emergency stop after circling around England for four hours due to the technical issue. But it landed safely at Gatwick Airport with fire trucks surrounding the runway as a precaution.

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With large subsidies effectively eliminating incentives for private and business transport to cut their use of fuel, the Arab world also wastes revenues on inefficient modes of transport and does not invest enough in public transport upgrades, a key component of sustainable cities.

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The airport, which hosts a number of low cost airlines suchas Ryanair, Flybe, Monarch and ThomasCook, offers domestic and international flights todestinations in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

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When you look at your credit report you may see just one or twolate payments.Maybe these payments were late because of an oversight or because of a one-time financial problem that has since been resolved.