The camp was directed by a local couple with musical training. Students were tutored in singing, dancing and acting — as many as 78 in the 2014 session. The culmination of the summer camp was a performance held in a local theater.

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Birdseye Renewable Energy is building a solar farm on Earl Road and has proposed a solar farm on Beaver Dam Church Road that was rejected in September by the Shelby City Council. Owner Brian Bednar hopes the proposal will be granted when he presents it to the city council at an upcoming meeting.

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“We evaluate our team just like we always do,” he said. “We’re going to present, along with pro personnel, to their owners, an evaluation of our players and take it from there. If there’s anything else, it will be initiated by ownership.

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But there was at least one big, household name on the list, too: William Ackman's $18 billion Pershing Square Capital Management clocked in with a 38.6 gain for one of its portfolios, lifted by a big gain on drug firm Allergan Inc..

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A spokesman for Manchester Fire and Rescue said: "The fire involving a car spread rapidly and came into contact with the windows on the ground floor of the house, then spreading to the rest of the property.

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Officials hadn't accounted for about 80 residents of the Wedgwood Apartments in Castle Hills, though firefighters went through the 11-story complex and found no other victims, City Manager Diane Pfeil said. She said authorities believed those residents found refuge with family or had left for the holidays before the Sunday morning fire.

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Stifling regulation has crimped banks' freedom in Asia'sfourth-largest economy to charge rates and offer products basedon market demand, tying their hands in the struggle against aslowing economy and low interest rates.

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An equity swap involves counterparties agreeing to exchange two future cashflows, known as "legs" - one leg might be pegged to a market interest rate, for example, and the other tied to a stock or index performance.

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"Today we received a request for assistance locating theairplane, and we are reviewing that request to find out how bestwe can meet Indonesia's request for assistance," StateDepartment spokesman Jeff Rathke told a regular news briefing.

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The campaign, which is being led by New York-based AureliusCapital, applies only to the $54 billion of Petrobras bondsgoverned by U.S. law in New York state. Aurelius, a "distresseddebt" or "vulture" fund, is asking investors to put the companyinto default as "a precautionary step," according to a Dec. 29letter from the firm reviewed by Reuters.

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Industry sales data from recent quarters show Xiaomi has risen in just three years to become the world's No. 3 smartphone maker - behind only Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Apple Inc - and the latest round of investment enforces its standing as one of the world's most valuable private companies.

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Data from, which tracks airline flights in real time, showed several nearby aircraft were at altitudes ranging from 34,000 to 36,000 feet at the time, levels not unusual for cruising aircraft.

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“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Cruz said. “I don’t like to get into next year and start promising things, but when I reach my peak health and I’m 100% again and everything is clicking the way it should be and the receiving corps and Eli (Manning) and everybody is on the same page, it should be a fun offense to watch.”

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When inactivated specimens turned up the next day in storage, lab personnel realized that they apparently had transferred the wrong samples, ones that had contained active virus material, out of the higher-security lab, Reynolds said.

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An equity swap involves counterparties agreeing to exchange two future cashflows, known as "legs" - one leg might be pegged to a market interest rate, for example, and the other tied to a stock or index performance.

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Hillary Clinton has won Gallup's 'most admired woman' for 13 straight years. But this year, just 12 percent gave her that title. Her likely presidential campaign may have something to do with that.

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Transport Union RMT's General Secretary Mick Cash said: "It says everything about the state of industry in Britain today that a donor to the party of government can wreck the lives of thousands of people, walk away and leave the taxpayer to pick up the redundancy costs."

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Dirt Candy, which will reopen at its new Allen St. location in January, reinvented cauliflower as a vegetarian take on chicken-fried steak with miso-mushroom gravy. The head is sliced into steaks and steamed to tenderize it, before getting breaded with flour and ancho chili powder and fried until golden brown.

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Seoul's unification minister said the South had sent a letter to Pyongyang seeking negotiations, which it hopes to hold in January and would cover issues including reunions for families separated by the 1950-1953 Korean war and possible co-operation projects.

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Syriza has pledged to roll back some of the reforms Greece implemented to qualify for 240 billion euros in rescue funds. But it has recently softened its rhetoric about unilaterally pulling out of the bailout deal.

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Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said projects in defence,rural electrification, rural housing and industrial corridorswould not need to seek the consent of 80 percent of the affectedlandowners as mandated.

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Hannah Ginion, who was 1, had Krabbe disease, a condition that impacts about 1 in 100,000 individuals in the United States. Prior to her diagnosis, Hannah’s home state didn’t require doctors to test babies for the enzyme deficiency, but Pennsylvania has since instated “Hannah’s Law,” which adds the disease to routine newborn screenings. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), New York state and Illinois also require doctors to screen newborns for Krabbe disease.

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Several Western council diplomats told Reuters they had been surprised by the Palestinians' sudden push to submit a final draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council on Monday and put it to a vote on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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At $45 billion, Xiaomi is now worth nearly three times themarket capitalisation of Lenovo Group Ltd, the world'sNo. 1 PC maker, and more than quadruple the $10 billionvaluation it garnered during its last financing round in 2013.

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Illinois has the worst-funded state pension fund, whileChicago is struggling with a huge pension funding burden. Creditrating agency Moody's Investors Service has said the city is an"extreme outlier" among U.S. local governments it rates, citinga $32 billion adjusted net pension liability that is equal toeight times operating revenue.

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In front of a small, hand-picked audience at the headquarters of the NATO mission, the green-and-white flag of the International Security Assistance Force was ceremonially rolled up and sheathed, and the flag of the new international mission called Resolute Support was hoisted.

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Smith was on his way out before he coached his final game with a chance to get into the playoffs. Owner Arthur Blank, who decided to retain GM Thomas Dimitroff, already had hired a consulting firm to assess coaching candidates, a decision that was affirmed by the Falcons' miserable 34-3 loss in their do-or-die home game against the Panthers.

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Wearing an orange hooded sweatshirt and the blue NYPD cap he wore during Sunday's win in Miami, Ryan left his Summit, N.J. home around 6:40 am Monday to head to the Jets facility in Florham Park for a 7:30 a.m. meeting with Johnson, who delivered the news to the head coach, then to Idzik.

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The investment was led by Ontario Teachers' InfrastructureGroup, which manages a global portfolio of $11.7 billion ofinvestments. Its other airport investments include UK's Bristol,Copenhagen and Brussels.

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Even if Nick Clegg delivers a higher than expected number of MPs and there is the prospect of another coalition he may find his activists want a change at the top. Labour MPs may well demand that he commits to quit before a link-up with the Liberal Democrats can be considered.

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Efforts to support the families of Ramos and Liu have raised $120,000, de Blasio said Monday. The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City has raised the money in pledges through the Fallen Heroes Relief Effort, he said.

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Now Woody takes away his cover by firing both of them. His own crazy scheme — bring in a new general manager, force him to keep the incumbent coach — was doomed to produce the kind of dreary mess the Jets became this season, when their best moments were two moral-victory losses to the Patriots. They had been reduced to that, under the coach who said he didn't come here to kiss Bill Belichick's rings.

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“We really need more seating,” said Merkor. “We live 15 miles from school, and for any kind of socializing it means schlepping kids around. This is definitely going to be my car. I’m thinking we’ll get it in September, but I’m willing to wait forever.”

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In a separate attack, suspected al-Qaeda militants planted bombs in a road on which General Abdulrahman Al Hulaili's convoy was traveling near al-Qatan in eastern Hadramout province, security sources and local officials said.

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Further, it said, the professors found the effective taxrates of companies with female CFOs were not meaningfullyhigher, suggesting that while women were more wary of high-risktax avoidance, they had no problem with low-risk strategies.

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"We believe bondholders should immediately take the prudentprecaution of giving formal notice of default," Aureliusmanaging director Eleanor Chan wrote. "While mere notice ofdefault should not itself cause a crisis, bondholders cannotavoid a crisis merely by sticking their heads in the sand andaccepting Petrobras' assurances as a certainty."

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On city streets, civilians have lost a lot of ground to police since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The trend is that police officers have become overly aggressive toward people of color as we (white) people act timid and deferential. In an age of homeland anxiety, many of us bought into the narrative that the police were, by definition, heroes. That’s just not so.

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And now, because of the way this happens for the Jets, because they took this kind of fall and because all the speculation about Idzik's replacement will begin before the speculation about Rex's replacement, Woody gets what he wants — at least in the short run — for himself and for his team:

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"Due to the policy advances made, the safeguards that have been put in place, and the ECB's stated public commitment to doing whatever is necessary to keep the eurozone together, events in Greece now pose much less of a threat to the eurozone" than a few years ago, IHS Global Insight economist Howard Archer said in a note.

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"Antibiotics do not work for cold and flu symptoms unless you've also developed bacteria-related complications. It is best to treat a cold or flu at home by resting, staying warm and drinking lots of fluids. Also, give yourself time to recover - it can take anything from five to seven days to be well enough to return to normal activities," commented pharmacist, Bernard Duggan.

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"It's now for the Greek electorate to decide about the future composition of the parliament and the government. We will not interfere in or comment on this democratic process," the ECB said in a statement.