"China has consistently had a welcoming and supportive attitude toward foreign investors doing legitimate business here," she said. "We will, as always, provide an open, transparent and good environment for foreign companies in China."

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They were surprised when Al-Monitor inquired about their impressions. They said they were happy and wished that festivities would be seen on the streets and not only within the confines of the church. They both noted the increased number of Muslims celebrating Christmas.

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Rodgers plunged forward across the goal line from 1 yard out with 8:45 left to help Green Bay regain a two-touchdown lead. "MVP MVP" chanted adoring fans while light snow dusted Lambeau Field.

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Unable to find Camo at the mattress buyer's home, Dufek took to social media for help tracking down the 5-year-old cat that likely scurried out of the box spring when the buyer, who lives near the airport, took it off the car roof.

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This year, such tax-loss harvesting may be especially important. After all, given the market's rise, you probably do have gains. And even if you have not sold any winning investments, if you've invested in mutual funds, you've got capital gains distributions so you'll owe capital-gains tax. Given the market's rise this year that may be higher than you'd expected.

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Prosecutors in Bari were opening an investigation into how the fire started. The damaged ferry itself was to be taken eventually to a northern Adriatic port, but officials said it had not yet been determined which one.

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The US had said it would launch a proportional response to the hacking of Sony Pictures, after an FBI investigation appeared to show that North Korea was behind the hack attack which led to films and private emails being leaked online.

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"Thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, our combat mission in Afghanistan is ending, and the longest war in American history is coming to a responsible conclusion," U.S. President Barack Obama said in a statement issued in Hawaii, where he is on vacation with his family.

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"In January 2015, the U.S. is expected to experience a birth every eight seconds and one death every 12 seconds. Meanwhile, net international migration is expected to add one person to the U.S. population every 33 seconds," the Census Bureau said.

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A man in his thirties who returned from Sierra Leone on Dec.23 was suspected on contracting the disease, the Ministry ofHealth, Labour and Welfare said. Test results are expected byTuesday morning. If confirmed, it would be the first case of theEbola virus in Asia.

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"Only one technician was exposed. So far she's showing no signs of having the disease. She's being monitored every day," President Obama's "Ebola Czar" Ron Klain told CBS's "Face the Nation" on Sunday.

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As well as filling them in on the history and showing them some nice views, Holgado, 64, gives visitors an insight into the poverty that has ravaged the Catalonian capital since the economic crisis struck.

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — You won’t see a different cave or a new chateau at the Oregon Caves National Monument. But some are calling the expansion of the landmark, with legislation attached to a defense spending bill signed recently by President Barack Obama, a monumentalchange.

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Web access to Gmail has been blocked since June, according to, a China-based advocacy group for Internet freedom, but users had been able to access the service through mobile apps or third-party email software such as Microsoft Outlook until the current block.

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The 77 year old has dominated headlines recently after more than 20 women, including models Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickinson, went public with stories of his reportedly inappropriate behavior over the years, with some alleged victims claiming they were drugged and raped.

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There was no distress call issued by Flight QZ8501, operatedby Indonesian AirAsia, 49 percent owned by Malaysia-based budgetcarrier AirAsia, which has had no crashes since itstarted flying in 2002.

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Cinema Village manager Lee Peterson, who declined to provide details of security precautions, said the New York Police Department planned to have officers outside the theater. He said he had also heard from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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Nine months have passed. Last week I went to a extravagant magazine party, feeling old and fat but not exactly out of place. I had a story in their latest issue, after all, and actual readers of pieces in The Daily News and other, lesser, outlets.

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The UA offense is led by senior QB Blake Sims, and he put forth a stellar campaign in hitting the mark on 64.8 percent of his passes for 3,250 yards 26 TDs and only seven INTs. Sims has the good fortune of throwing to star WR Amari Cooper, who hauled in 115 balls for 1,656 yards and 14 TDs in winning the 2014 Biletnikoff Award. Both his reception and yardage totals ranked second in the FBS this season.

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DUBAI, Dec 28 (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's 2015 state budgetassumes an oil price close to current levels of around $60 abarrel for Brent crude, a shift from past budgets whichwere based on prices well below market levels, analysts say.

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"I suppose you can find a pony in any manure pile if you look hard enough," he writes. "Someone should suggest to Kevin Drum that he keep digging - he's bound to find something eventually."

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Twenty two per cent plan to make changes to the way they manage their daily finances in 2015 - 56% in this group say they will stick to a monthly budget. Nearly half (45%) say they will put aside some money each month, and 36% will simply make more of an effort to live within their means.

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But until that happens, comparisons will be made of the circumstances leading up to the two events, the responses by regional authorities and airline officials, and the nature and challenges of the search efforts.

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"I am troubled by this incident in our Ebola research laboratory in Atlanta," the CDC director, Dr. Tom Frieden, said of the latest error. "Thousands of laboratory scientists in more than 150 labs throughout CDC have taken extraordinary steps in recent months to improve safety."

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"Even when people thought warning symptoms might be serious, cancer didn't tend to spring to mind. This might be because people were frightened and reluctant to mention cancer, thought cancer wouldn't happen to them, or believed other causes were more likely," Dr Whitaker said.

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It provides information on all of the supports and services available for people diagnosed with dementia and their families. It also aims to raise general awareness of the condition and reduce the stigma attached to it.

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Carne said Paonessa’s report will look into the sequence of events and associated decision making that led to the problems experienced, and to advise any immediate steps that NR needs to take to increase the robustness of its works delivery capability.

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Based on the court documents I saw, the church could be facing fines of up to $50 per day of the three-week camp. Now, I know that may not seem like a lot of money in the scheme of things — but there’s a principle at stake here, folks.

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It was still unclear whether Sony, which is still struggling with the impact of the cyberattack, would recoup the money it spent to make the film and the $30 million or $40 million in estimated marketing costs.

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The more traditional Hatha style of yoga is the most widely practiced in the U.S. But many specialized yoga “products,” such as hot yoga, power yoga and yoga retreats are part of a billion-dollar yoga industry.

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Small groups of Christians in formal attire were permitted to attend church services, but the family gatherings, beach parties, concerts and dancing that usually accompany the holiday were banned to help slow the deadly virus.

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U.S.-based rivals including Bank of America Corp,JPMorgan Chase & Co and Citigroup Inc have inrecent months reached settlements with the U.S. government overcharges they misled investors into buying troubledmortgage-backed securities.

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Fierce fighting erupted in South Sudan last December, twoyears after Juba declared independence from Khartoum. The UnitedNations says the conflict has killed more than 10,000 people anddriven the country of 11 million toward famine.

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ENERGY: Benchmark U.S. crude rose 54 cents to $55.27 per barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. On Friday, the contract plunged $1.11 to settle at $54.73. Brent crude, used to price international oils, added 51 cents to $59.96.

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Trestman actually said at his final post-game presser that he expected to return. Instead he joins Falcons coach Mike Smith and Jets coach Rex Ryan on the unemployment line while 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh goes back to school at his alma mater, Michigan

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Political opposition and the government's minority positionin the upper house of the parliament have also tied Modi'shands, forcing him to resort to executive orders to raiseforeign participation in insurance ventures and allow privatecompanies mine and sell coal.

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And because of everything that has happened to the Jets since the last time Rex had them in the playoffs, the hiring of a new general manager would be the most important decision Woody has ever made since owning the Jets.

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San Francisco missed the playoffs following three straight trips to the NFC championship game and a runner-up Super Bowl finish after the 2012 season. The 49ers, plagued by injuries to key players all season, snapped a four-game losing streak, their first under Harbaugh

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Rarely has a film benefited from such an amount of free publicity, and like Chaplin’s “Great Dictator” years before, not even condemnation from a national government has been able to stop “The Interview”, which unlike Chaplin’s masterpiece has not suffered from appeasement or much criticism of its politics, unless it is from within North Korea.

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Citigroup said in October it was pulling out of consumer banking in 11 markets, including Japan, to cut costs. Its Japanese consumer banking business has been hurt by weak loan demand and falling interest margins.

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Pershing's violations of the rule included failing to haveadequate reserves of cash or securities on hand to meet certaindeposit requirements of its brokerage customers, FINRA said. Therule requires firms that have custody of customer securities tohave a reserve of cash or securities on hand in a bank accountthat is at least equal in value to the net cash the broker owesto customers.