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Bayer maintains an option to secure exclusive rights in the areas ofblood disorders, blindness, and congenital heart disease

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So I'll take the game-winner over the block."

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Shoppers sign up for the initiative, earning points by spending money at places like Macy’s or Exxon

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The request was made in a letter signed by 35 GOP senators in October, about three months after the first of a series of undercover videos was released by anti-abortion activists

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For a closer look at how the “ice tires” were made, check out the video below.

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As a result, they have meaningful exposure in energy."

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"Patients who are depressed after a heart attack have a two-fold risk of having another heart attack or dying compared to those who are not depressed

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The 2010 Dodd Frank financial regulatory overhaul for the first time required hedge funds like SAC Capital to register with the SEC and be subject to the agency’s oversight

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"I'm not satisfied at all with the season, my personal season," he said

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Ingram lost her job, and soon afterwards her partner Renee lost her job

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He was released in late May 2014 as part of a prisoner swap, in exchange for five detainees in Guantanamo Bay.

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Though seriously wounded, Petronino was able to climb out of the cave and relayed more precise directions to a 911 dispatcher

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Why not glam up your look with embellished jumpers, shoes, skirts and even jackets

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For he record, I had no idea that the firearm I lent to Mr

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Minors in the third group — those who have turned 15 — are considered to have criminal liability but are subject to a policy of reduced penalties.

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"Two things struck me that were most fascinating

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Knowing that he is in grave danger, Aguilar tells the officers repeatedly and calmly that he did not shoot them and does not have a gun on his person.

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Militant leader Santoso, the first Indonesian to publicly pledge loyalty to the radical jihadist group that holds swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq, has eluded capture for years

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For example, among normal-weight men, those in the top half of fitness at the start of the study were about 34 percent less likely to die during follow up than those in the bottom half

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"The hosts often do not permit a separate car to be sent to collect guests for security reasons

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"Vendors who had never worked with NASA learned how to make parts robust enough for rocket engines

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"Up here, the snow is our lifeblood," said Eric Friedman, spokesman at the Mad River Glen ski area in Waitsfield, Vermont

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Tenet has also raised concerns by racking up nearly $15 billion of debt, partially from a pair of major acquisitions.

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The pretty blonde was dressed in a casual outfit for the occasion, with a grey beanie, sunglasses and a denim jacket with shearling collar from McGuire

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Another provision will require a two-thirds majority for rulings to be valid, rather than the current simple majority

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There are budget-friendly planting tips, inspired design ideas, and some irreverent commentary along the way

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Rajoy, who has the first chance to form a new government, has limited options

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Go in knowing nothing about credit default swaps and CTOs, and you will walk out educated — and in the most painless and amusing way imaginable.

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It's also a tool for flexing your negotiation skills, arranging a new job's start date and recharging your career trajectory

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Mary's sheer courage is impressive

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