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The walls, bar, seats, and even “glasses” are carved out of you-know-what — 100 tons of it — and the decor at the recently revamped space is inspired by local landmarks
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That little town in upstate New York shut down any hopes of happy holidays by voting to not display any "Merry Christmas" signs in public — and even taking down a banner for Hanukkah, too.
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At a moment when some people on the right are questioning whether Muslims should live here at all, it would be tragic for the left to tell Muslims — and the rest of us — how to live.
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I love you @toddkap," she wrote to her Instagram followers.
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"This is largely due to the fact that one in six women in Ireland are obese before they conceive and there is better screening compliance among obstetricians and GP's
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Sweet and other local and federal officials toured the facility, including the on-site command center which has five large TV monitors that track movement into and out of the camps
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Several aspects of the samples’ mineralogy were unusual
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Diess is a relative newcomer to VW, arriving from Bavarian rival BMW only in July
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I remember feeling upset and thinking that this gorgeous girl was going home to die.
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If you receive an error after submitting a comment, please contact us at editor@mtstandard.com.
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“He was a true American hero
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That action went into effect on July 1 and impacted about 800 people at a cost to taxpayers of $1.6 million
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“We’re still trying to figure out exactly how this happened,” study co-author Bradley Jolliff said in a statement
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How tricky will a relaunchbe Musk, of course, downplayed the difficulty
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to run background checks and reduce the scope of national-security efforts to find potential troublemakers
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"This ruling rubs salt into already deep and still fresh wounds of Philadelphia Catholic and victims
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The Bank of Russia has imposed a $5000 fine on the bank for not implementing checks and balances
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Sadly they have now sold out but don't let that put you off.
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