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This could potentially help determine the best options for mitral valve transplants," said AMBER PhD candidate, Gillian Gunning.

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The next stage of our research will be to measure the fatigue strength of the chords in a range of treated porcine mitral valves that are used or being considered for use in transplants

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Heritage Auctions President Greg Rohan says Stallone's leather jacket was the top item sold at the three-day auction, with a winning bid of $149,000

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"Prevention of dengue is an urgent and growing medical priority in the Philippines," says Dr

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Judge Birgitta Bylund Uddenfeldt said there were no mitigating circumstances.

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A spokesman declined to provide additional details.

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As for new features, Magic Zoom allows users to magnify portions of the screen, which LG says is done without any degradation in picture quality

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But if I've got it, I'm going to work

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These mobile apps are designed to create and store secure passwords across all your devices.

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The security officer dragged me by my hair and told his boss, 'We've got one of the co-ordinators sir,'" Sami told me.

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After all, if you’re going to laugh about it later, you may as well laugh about it now.

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“On your iPhone, there’s likely health information, there’s financial information

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The brand faces some formidable competition from the likes of Speedo and other established swimsuit makers, such as TYR and Arena

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Each person with MS was found to be receiving almost 1,000 hours of care per year, some of which was unpaid

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Riley reiterated a “buy” rating and set a $140.00 target price on shares of Nike in a research report on Friday

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It was surreal to consider myself as someone with cancer

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“The diversity tells us that the Moon’s upper mantle is much less uniform in composition than Earth’s,” Jolliff said

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In truth, most food allergies are actually intolerances, and sometimes they’re used as an excuse to avoid eating something that is merely disliked.

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But global prices for minerals have dropped, coinciding with low rainfall and power cuts

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She might not be wearing Topshop, but she is wearing this cute little cotton dress by Juliet Dunn

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For more than three years, prices by the Fed's preferred measure have failed to reach the Fed's target of 2 percent.

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“We’ve not heard from Odell

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Since 2006, North Dakota has moved from the nation's ninth-biggest oil producer to the second, behind only Texas.