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These parallels are everywhere in the Bible

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Weather forecasters say a strong El Nino weather system could drench the state, but one good, wet winter won't be enough to rehydrate the parched land

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Star Wars collector James Burns, 44, poses for a photograph with some of his collection in London December 2, 2015

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The Ashley site is the first commercial facility featuring the RES Polyflow plastics-to-fuel conversion technology

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The Daily News has some of the most memorable photos in sports history

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You'll be the belle of the ball come December 31st.

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We spent an afternoon touring the downtown Cultural Center, where many exhibits were housed, and then set off to find the remaining exhibits, which were packed into kiosks scattered around Chicago.

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It alsoridiculed Christian and Jewish faiths.

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"No provisions within [the law] authorize a president or chief executive officer to delegate this authority to individual professors."

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For example, among normal-weight men, those in the top half of fitness at the start of the study were about 34 percent less likely to die during follow up than those in the bottom half

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On the second attempt, Proctor unintentionally ended up on the doorstep of Robert's brother

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Analysts say ISIS has controlled much of the surrounding oil-rich province since 2013, but the government has gained ground inside the city.

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Both are believed to have been in contact with another Frenchman currently in Syria who is suspected of organising the attack.

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Attorney for ConnecticutDeirdre Daly.

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"We have to figure out how to defend those satellites

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He mostly sat still in his chair and walked with his head down as he left the courtroom.

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Last month, the bank said it will no longer accept customers from high risk rating avenues, and is currently reviewing its screening process for account holders.

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Others have no children to care for them

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Lucia Del Mastro of the National Institute for Cancer Research in Genoa, Italy

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About 15 percent of middle-aged people are helping financially support both an aging parent and a child, according to the Pew Research Center

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Officials from countries in the US led coalition against IS have described a president dragging his feet to the effort, particularly at the start of air strikes against IS in Syria in September 2014

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First, higher wages increase the cost to employers of producing goods and services," the CBO report said

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Such Mid-Atlantic cities as Baltimore and Jersey City, New Jersey are put at risk by rising seas and stronger storms, according to the court filings.

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VW has been largely on the defensive since U.S

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member states about $8.27 billion in 2015-2016

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Garon: relationships with AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Genentech, Merck, Pfizer, and Novartis

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This debate over their final status erupted in a clash of claims between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio at last week's debate.

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Or is it According to military analyst Peter Singer of the New America Foundation, "the idea of” fighting in space was once science fiction and now it's real".

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