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"I think it's really changed the way people shop, which is why retailers have a hard time predicting what their volumes are going to be through online channels."

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Carney expects the California pilot for the new service tobegin in the first quarter of 2015

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BANSE: And ta-da - well, actually it's taken years, but the goal is in sight

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And the governmental system as a whole is beset by cronyism and corruption.

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Prosecutors said there is currently no evidence Marquez participated in the Dec

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2 in a gunfight with police after killing 14 of Farook's co-workers at a holiday gathering

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This is the new home for sports columnist JeffGordon

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It went on to be endorsed by just about every senior figure in British medicine.

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Photographs by The Dogist, LLC.

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"The fact that oil is up is a major piece of the puzzle here."

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It was as though they were mentally and physically below par, off-kilter, out of whack.

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Those not placed will move to another camp

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She said she was shaken up and planned to get home as soon as she could.

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Many towns are under curfew and electricity has been cut in many Silopi districts as transformers have been damaged

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A problem with the seismometer triggered cancellation of thelaunch, the agency said in a statement

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Two policemen, another man and his four-year-old daughter were killed in the raid

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To be fair, the industry as a whole is suffering from low mall traffic and currency exchange headwinds

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Both may be right, yet both point to a collective deforestation in 2016

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The benefit is even greater in the group of patients with PD-L1 staining in 50% of tumour cells.

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As for the DHS waiver authority, he said it’s too soon to say “if and when” that might be used.

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The planetary gravitational fields can occasionally deflect these objects in towards the Earth.

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"Coming here, we really like it, being outside especially, we feel safe

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Estimates for fourth-quarter growth are currently around a 2 percent rate.

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"As a kid, I dreamed about hitting the game-winner," Durant said

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