EU/IMF inspectors due to return to Athens in January will now resume discussions on concluding that review after a new government is in place, the IMF said, adding that Greece had no immediate funding needs.

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Some of those rescued were not on the original ship'smanifest, and Italian authorities are looking for a definitivelist of passengers to cross-check it with the names of thesurvivors, he said, adding that it was possible that there wereillegal migrants aboard.

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The report reveals a big increase in the number of people with Down syndrome developing dementia. In the three-year period since the first IDS-TILDA study was conducted in 2010, the prevalence of this disease has nearly doubled in people with Down syndrome - from 15% to just under 30%.

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"Other signs are white or red patches inside the mouth, a lump in the mouth or neck or a persistent sore throat or hoarseness. If you or someone you know hasn't visited the dentist in a long time, we would urge you to come along and bring your friend or family member for an exam on Mouth Cancer Awareness Day," he said.

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But the year wasn’t flawless (remember the hamstring injury?), and neither was his final game of the season. For a second straight week, the exuberant receiver seemed to battle his own emotions more than he battled defenders, and twice on Sunday, those feelings flowed onto the field.

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A person is seen as having active asthma if they have documented asthma symptoms, they regularly require asthma medication or they have visited their doctor about their asthma within the last year. US scientists decided to look into the link between this and heart health.

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The government of the ex-Yugoslav republic sealed an agreement with China Road and Bridge Corp (CRBC), part of China Communications Construction Co, in February to build the 40-km (25-mile) section of the 120-km motorway.

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"Some 95% of the tests are normal and those people will be recalled after two years for screening again. It is just 5% that have a positive test and require a colonoscopy," explained Dr Alan Smith, medical director of the HSE National Cancer Screening Service (NCSS).

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Every accident brings in its wake improved counter-measures, like better sensors, more accurate navigation systems, and following Air France’s Rio-Paris disaster in 2009, a new generation of black boxes entering service that will transmit for longer, some 90 days instead of 30, to help search teams.

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Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin Atlantic president, praised the crew of flight VS43. In a Twitter posting, he said: “Well done VirginAtlantic pilots & team for safe & skillful landing of VS43. Thoughts with passengers & crew, thanks for support & patience.”

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Because of everything that has happened, because of Tebow and butt fumbles and Idzik and Geno and even that Monday night game against the Dolphins, when Rex decided his best chance to win was to act as if the forward pass had never been invented.

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Almost 900 second primary smoking-associated cancers were diagnosed among the participants. Across the four different cancers assessed, those who smoked at least 20 cigarettes per day before their first cancer diagnosis were more likely to develop a second smoking-associated cancer. The risks were as follows:

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Abe is pressuring firms to return more of this windfall to employees through higher base pay in order to boost consumption and promote a durable recovery. Within days of his re-election victory this month, he secured a pledge by Japanese business leaders to do their "utmost" to raise wages.

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An afternoon screening at the Van Nuys Regency Theatres in the city's San Fernando Valley was two-thirds full and drew a diverse crowd ranging from teens to senior citizens, who laughed loudly throughout at Rogen and Franco's antics.

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Getting home-field advantage seemed highly unlikely for the Super Bowl champs after losing at Kansas City and falling to 6-4. But Seattle's closing run was perhaps more impressive than going 13-3 in the 2013 regular season.

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A wake for Wenjian Liu, who was shot alongside Ramos, will be held on Saturday followed by a funeral at an "undisclosed location" on Sunday, the New York Daily News reported. A police spokeswoman said she could not confirm the report.

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Greek conservative Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said national elections, the fourth in six fraught years of financial crisis, will be held "at the soonest possible date" — Sunday, Jan. 25, 18 months early.

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It's unusual that five teams shared the league's best record at 12-4 and they are the top five teams in our rankings as the playoffs begin. There isn't much separating them but we're going with the defending champs based on the way they finished the year.

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During this period, Abdi and Hassan went into hiding, but we continued speaking regularly on the phone and via Skype, recording our conversations. As a journalist working safely and comfortably in London this was often a strange and humbling experience.

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As growth tapers in developed markets, the smartphoneindustry has turned to China, where the rollout of LTEtechnology is driving demand, and where the majority of theworld's smartphones are also manufactured.

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Being a parent on New Year's Eve is tough. Kids love the excitement of counting down the last seconds of the year, but keeping them awake until midnight is either impossible or turns them into sleep-deprived terrors the next day.

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"It’ll be interesting to see how quickly industry moves forward with these kinds of services," Bock said. "This is money they don’t need to share with the movie chains and that’s a big deal. It could shake a lot of things up."

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__ September 1997: An Airbus A300 operated by national carrier Garuda Indonesia crashes while approaching Medan Airport, killing all 234 people aboard. The plane, which had taken off from Jakarta, crashed into a mountainous, wooded area in low visibility.

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The official PMI is focused on larger, state-owned factories, as opposed to the HSBC/Markit PMI which focuses more on smaller manufacturers in the private sector. Smaller firms have been facing greater strains, including higher financing costs, though recent data have suggested larger firms are also succumbing to the pressure from the prolonged downturn.

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Exception to the right of cancellation: You cannot cancel your order for the supply of digital content if the delivery has started upon your request and acknowledgement that you thereby lose your cancellation right.

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California's pilot program, which began in 2010, requires the vehicle locks for five months for first offenders and up to four years for repeat offenders. Ignition interlock devices force motorists to submit a breath sample before starting their car, then provide additional samples once they're driving.

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While many websites track their readers, the potential that data gathered by AdvisorHUB could end up in the hands of recruiters and the broker' employers could roil the highly competitive world of financial advisors. Attracting and retaining brokers is a big issue for wealth management companies, which can watch millions of dollars of assets walk out the door if a broker takes his clients and leaves for a rival firm.

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- In 1992, he hired 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Holmgren as head coach. Holmgren was the first choice of Jets GM Dick Steinberg in 1990, but he turned the job down. Steinberg then hired Bruce Coslet.

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Stabilizing the ruble is a priority for the country's monetary authorities. The Central Bank in past weeks raised its key interest rate to 17 percent and said it will offer dollar and euro loans to banks so they can help major exporters that need foreign currencies to finance operations.

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Hollywood's hot new couple Joe Manganiello, left, and Sofia Vergara heated up at a private event at Hyde Lounge during the Justin Timberlake concert hosted by PUMA in Los Angeles. The lovebirds were seen canoodling and enjoying each other's company before the concert.

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At Columbia, a fear of offense permeates classrooms, administrative decision-making, and syllabi. The comedic marching band has been targeted before: In 2012, a former dean of student affairs asked the marching band to take down posters featuring a “Gaza Strip Club” pun — a joke so offensive that it was deployed on national broadcast TV, on “The Simpsons.”

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"I was kind of surprised they still let people use it actually," Ficken said. "That's a guy who has a lot of respect not just for baseball players, but all athletes. I was very, very excited. Guys talked about how he ended his career and said, 'Dude, the stars are aligned."

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What’s more, Indivior’s management has noticed a global shift intreating drug addiction over the past few years. Addiction is now treated aschronic disease, rather than as something to be punished. A shift that is pushing governments to change their stance and fund treatments instead of imprisonment.

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“The facts are clear that the church made no monetary ”profit’ from hosting the Glee Camp and had no intention to do so,” Sasser wrote in court documents. “The church’s motivation to host the Glee Camp was not profit-driven, but religious based.”

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It is blighted only by the fact that the world’s top emitters aren’t participating. They surely understand that the anti-global-warming movement threatens what the developing world is doing to enrich itself.

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Obama said he hoped to be able to work with Congress on shared economic goals. But he said he expected Republicans would pass some bills he will oppose, particularly on health care and the environment.

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Even though the film was very much in the zeitgeist and also up for rental on YouTube and Google Play, it was unclear whether the Seth Rogan movie would recoup the $44 million it cost to make, or the additional millions spent on marketing.

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The study found that infant mortality rates increased in line with the mothers' increasing body mass index (BMI) during early pregnancy. In other words, the bigger a mother was in early pregnancy, the greater the risk to her infant.

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“We always sort of take it for granted the people will call 911, and this is the first study to really take a step back and say, gosh there's real barriers that we need to talk about,” said Dr. Comilla Sasson, who led the new study.

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First of all, this new research suggests that long-term memory is not stored in the neural synapses but in another part of the brain. The degradation of the synapses, then, might just be impeding the recall of that memory; and so restoring the synaptic gaps might be all we need to restore memories.

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The sale ends a busy year of exits for PEP, Australia'slargest private equity firm, as it has seized on appetite forbusinesses seen as benefiting from the country's record lowinterest rates, low unemployment and relatively buoyant equitymarket.