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To see what others can't see that everyone else swears isn't there — requires a certain kind of obstinacy, even eccentricity

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"Begin by seeing the tendency to protect and defend yourself," Singer says

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The state has been the nation's fastest-growing for the past four years, and was followed this year by Colorado, the District of Columbia, Nevada, Florida and Texas, according to the new census data

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The federal government works with temporary shelters in multiple states within 250 miles of the border

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Inslee told corrections officials to stop releasing prisoners affected by the glitch until a hand calculation is done to ensure the offender is being released on the correct date

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October's sales pace was revised slightly lower to 5.32 million units.

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This is not always a reliable way of identifying a cause of migraine, because it’s easy to muddle a trigger with an early symptom

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She said it was important to know just how much tax banks paid.

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Bevin suspended that order, saying felons would have to apply to his office on a case by case basis

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They also want to ramp up the pressure on investigators to release video of the shooting

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According to Carney, the companyhas been pitching the service to insurance providers for morethan two years.

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The World Cup tour is organized by the International Ski Federation, or FIS, and is skiing’s highest level of competition

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Analysts said they did not attach great significance toprice activity in the Treasury market since many traders hadalready closed out their positions for the year, resulting inlow trading volumes.

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It said there were “significant backlogs” with specialist units unable to cope with the demand.

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So the strategy this year has been one of damage limitation

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But the center included these changes in its calculations and still found Trump’s proposal would cost $9.5 trillion.

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He said little beyond answering “yes” and “no” to questions about whether he understood his rights and the court proceedings.

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Thousands of protesters marched in the city Diyarbakir Tuesday against the curfew imposed on the Sur neighborhood

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Phoebe developed a density 40 percent higher than the average inner Saturnian moon.

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"Shale gas is a fantastic opportunity for the UK," says a Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc) spokesman

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Furthermore, the relationship between mothers and fathers was described as highly sensitive to economic strain

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Jones believes the population trend should be viewed in a regional context

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The Shanghai Composite Index hovers near its highest in nearly a month as Beijing's annual Central Economic WorkConference concluded Monday

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Now, we’re starting to see a gradation in concentration.

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Tenet has also raised concerns by racking up nearly $15 billion of debt, partially from a pair of major acquisitions.

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Moments like these are often commented upon, and can take you out of a film

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The year is wrapping up with the end of the Pluto imagery chapter: NASA has just started releasing the most highly resolved images taken during the July 14 flyby

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In 2014, the census estimated Michigan gained 15,800 residents, more than double this year’s gain.

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This crossover has wheels that are, quite literally, built from solid blocks of ice.

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An attendee dressed in a "fursuit" costume sits in the lap of a man at the Midwest FurFest in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois, United States, December 4, 2015

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